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The karez system, an irrigation system connected by underground channels, is considered as one of the three great ancient projects in China. The other two being the Great Wall and the Grand Canal . There are nearly one thousand karez totaling five thousand kilometers in length in Turpan.

The structure of the karez basically consists of wells, underground channels, ground canal and small reservoirs. In spring and summer, a great amount of melting snow and rainfall flow down from the Bogda and Karawuquntag mountains north and west of the Turpan depression into the valleys and then seep into the Gobi desert. Taking advantage of the mountain slopes, the working people ingeniously created the karez to draw the underground water to irrigate the farmland. The water in the karez will not evaporate in large quantities even under the scorching heat and fierce wind, hence ensuring a stable water flow and gravity irrigation.

坎儿井 - karez 是与横亘东西的万里长城、纵贯南北的大运河齐名的中国古代三大工程之一,是伟大的地下水利灌溉工程。它早在2000年前的汉代就已经出现雏形,以后,随着丝绸之路的发展,逐渐向西传到中亚和波斯。 



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